Rising fuel costs push more motorists towards EVs

If you’ve been near a forecourt at all this year, you’ll be painfully aware of just how high fuel prices currently are.

A 5p fuel duty cut, announced back in March, was soon swallowed up in the wake of rising costs – so much so that it was barely noticed – and the latest reports suggest that the prices we’re paying at the pumps aren’t falling in-line with the wholesale cost.

This all points towards high fuel prices lasting for many months to come and, according to used car site ChooseMyCar.com, motorists are beginning to vote with their feet.

The survey

In the site’s recent survey, 2,000 motorists were asked how likely they would be to opt for an electric vehicle next time around due to rising fuel prices.

42% said they would be likely to go electric next time around – that’s 46% of males and 38% of females.

The younger the motorist, the more interested they appeared to be in an EV. 66% of 18-34 year-olds were in favour, while just 20% of over 55s were interested in leaving behind internal combustion power.

Commenting on the results, ChooseMyCar.com founder Nick Zapolski said: “We have been doing a lot of research on how UK drivers have been affected by recent events, and the younger age group appears to have been the one that has found it hardest to manage the spiralling prices.

“While EVs are obviously a good choice for many, with the starting price still being close to five figures, many will struggle to afford a new EV and the second-hand market is still very limited. It seems very unfair that the very people that need EVs the most, and who have the strongest desire for one, might be priced out of the market for one.”

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