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The Hofmann Megaplan brand needs little introduction. Most people working in the automotive industry know the name and, most likely, the product. There are very few areas where Hofmann Megaplan equipment has failed to reach; tyre shops, garages, MOT stations, OEM facilities such as tyre and car manufacturing plants, even trailer manufacturers and supermarkets! The famous H logo is on product everywhere, and has been for a very long time.

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Undoubted innovators – particularly in wheel balancing, the product upon which the company really evolved – Hofmann Megaplan can claim a host of industry ‘firsts’ that have gone on to become the ‘norm’. The brand is also renowned for quality, given its position as a premium offering. Probably the most powerful testament to its existence, however, is the rich and proud history, a legacy which is very difficult to equal in today’s market crowded with low-cost newcomers.

Hofmann Megaplan - A rich and proud history...

1931 - Incorporation of Gebr. Hofmann by Dionys and Roman Hofmann in Darmstadt, Germany

1943 - The first Balancing Machine

1968 - The company moves to Pfungstadt

1996 - Incorporation of Hofmann Maschinen Und Anlagenbau GmbH (HMAB) in Pfungstadt

1997 - Takeover of Hofmann Maschinen Und Anlagenbau GmbH (HMAB) by Cemb spA

1999 - Incorporation of Hofmann Megaplan in Henndorf, Austria

2021 - Relocation of administrative and Distributor operations to Worms, Germany.


20 Years of helping the UK Automotive Aftermarket!

Hofmann Megaplan

2024 represents the 20th Anniversary of Hofmann Megaplan in the UK.

Back in 2004, it all started with a small range of high quality, high performance tyre changers and wheel balancers for cars and vans. The brand’s focus on quality equipment, designed to perform on even the most challenging tyre and wheel combinations was one of the key factors in the success of the business but so, also, was the commitment to the best possible service.

Since those early days, the company has expanded its sphere of operation and technical expertise to include a much wider range of garage equipment; and, now that many Hofmann Megaplan products cater for Motorcycles, Commercial Vehicles, Plant and Agricultural equipment, for a much wider selection of vehicles too.

While the core Hofmann product range remains focused on ‘tyre care’ (tyre changers, wheel balancers and wheel alignment equipment), the business now offers an expanding range of vehicle lifts for numerous applications including Class 4 and Class 7 MOT testing and specialist wheel alignment lifts. Lift types include wheel lifting equipment, electric vehicle battery lifts, 2 Post vehicle lifts, 4 Post vehicle lifts and Scissor lifts for cars, vans and LCVs.

Wheel alignment equipment employing both CCD and 3D technology is available, as are Diagnostics & Calibration rigs for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). But that’s not the limit of the company’s product range, you will also find air compressors, air conditioning recharge machines and workshop fume extraction systems.

MOT test equipment is a particular specialism of Hofmann Megaplan and the business offers a complete Automated Test Lane (ATL) MOT bay design, supply and installation service. Typically, an ATL MOT bay will comprise a specialist MOT 4 post lift, or scissor lift, a brake tester, an emissions tester and a headlamp beam tester.

The Hofmann Megaplan brand is now part of the ISN Garage Assist family, which, in turn, is owned by Integrated Supply Network (ISN), one of North America's largest independent tool and equipment providers. The UK business is still very much a family-oriented, flexible organisation, that is simply easy to deal with. Operating from offices near Huntingdon, in Cambridgeshire, Hofmann Megaplan products will be found across the whole of the UK, Ireland and all of the outlying dependents, including the Scottish Isles and Channel Islands.

Today around 40,000sqft of warehouse space, is fully stocked with garage equipment, all of which is fully tested and prepared before it leaves via a state of the art PDI facility. There’s also a showroom, conveniently located close to the A1 and A14 link roads, which offers customers the opportunity to see the equipment working first hand, together with classroom and training facilities, providing advanced classes on subjects such as wheel alignment and ADAS diagnostics takes place.

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We’re part of the ISN Europe Group, the European arm of Integrated Supply Network, North America’s largest independent tool and equipment distribution business.

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