Cascos - One of the longest-serving lift manufacturers to the worldwide automotive industry

Manufactured in Spain since 1965, there is something very endearing about Cascos, aside from the obvious claim as one of the longest-serving lift manufacturers in the World.

That is that their products and ethos have remained largely unchanged for all those years!, Obviously they have evolved along with the cars they are required to lift, but the principle of the way the lifts operate, and the principles which this family-owned business maintain, means they have been unhindered by the temptation to introduce low-cost components or manufacturing from the Far East, and produce what are arguably some of the best quality, best performing vehicle lifts on the market.

Remember that old saying ‘they just don’t make ‘em like they used to’? A phrase that can be used in nearly every aspect of modern life? Well we always like to point out that, when it comes to vehicle lifting technology, actually somebody does – that somebody is Cascos!

PDF: 11 Reasons to invest in a Cascos two post lift


Cascos' manufacturing policies, traditional build quality, and dedication towards reliability have simply never changed and neither has its impeccable customer service. Everything Cascos does is to ensure you have the right car lift for your garage services.

The Cascos vehicle lift ethos is based on supplying product that is designed to be reliable, functional and built to last. Their engineering development team is completely driven by quality and, while a lot of Cascos products rarely change, that’s because they believe in the old saying ‘why fix something that isn’t broken’?

The design of Cascos lifts does evolve with modern technology and, of course, those designs adapt as vehicle designs progress, but much of what they do is based on history and the success and reputation they have gained over the years. Cascos ATL lifts, 100% made in Spain, are a great example. Completely re-designed some years ago to accommodate the stresses and vibration created by shaker plates (two years of field testing!), has, we believe, made them the most sturdy and robust available. But the column and platform design, which allows for an incredibly low-profile lift with small footprint compared to its coverage, is largely unchanged in 50 years!

About Cascos Lifts

Cascos Maquinaria (Machinery) started manufacturing lifts in Spain 55 years ago. Based in Vitoria, Northern Spain, the business is still operated by the Cascos family with the same passion and pride that the business was established upon way back in 1965. Apart from sourcing their lift columns from Germany, the majority of components they use are manufactured in-house; even hydraulic cylinders - something you will never see at other lift manufacturers.

In a nutshell, Cascos is unique. Nowhere else in Europe will you find a lift factory that puts the focus on quality so far ahead of the focus on price. In the UK, Cascos Lifts are distributed by ISN Garage Assist, the UK’s premier provider of garage workshop equipment. With factory trained engineers, local stock and an approach to business that echoes that of the Cascos family, it’s the prefect partnership.

A brief history of Cascos Lifts

1965 – Carlos Alvarez-Cascos used the contacts and knowledge he had gained working at the Volkswagen factory in Germany and Mercedes-Benz factory in Spain to start selling, amongst other products, a range of in-ground lifts for trucks

1968 – The first 1500m² office and production facility was established to develop the first series of 2 post lifts and tyre changers, which were predominantly destined for the German market. It was this early partnership and experience with the German market that led to Cascos’ affinity with traditional build quality and design associated with German-made lifts

1970 – Started manufacturing the first mobile lifts, known as MONZA

1980 – Started designing and manufacturing lubrication equipment

1985 – Launched the first models of 4 post lifts

1988 – Launched the first Parallelogram lifts

1989 – Expanded the production facility with an additional 4000m²

1990 – Launched the first range of Parking lifts

1996 – Launched the first range of full-height scissor lifts

1999 – Awarded ISO 9001 for design and manufacturing of lifts

2001 – Expanded into new facilities with more than 6500m²

2002 – Launched the first range of wheel alignment scissor lifts

2003 – Attained certifications from Renault, Peugeot, Citroen and Nissan

2004 – Received largest order in Cascos history, for 560 4 Post Lifts fitted with play detectors for the Japanese equivalent of MOT

2011 – Received award for aftersales from Spanish magazine ‘Our Workshops’

2015 – 50th anniversary of the Company.

2018 – Awarded the prestigious 'Juan Jose Azurmendi' Business Award

2020 – VAG Spain homologates C5.5S Wagon 2 for the Crafter range

2021 – Electric Vehicle Lifting range introduced

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