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Illuminating Excellence: Meet ISN Garage Assist's Exceptional Electricians

At ISN Garage Assist, we take immense pride in our team of highly skilled professionals, and today, we want to shine a spotlight on a crucial aspect of our workforce - our dedicated team of electricians. Often working behind the scenes, these 'bright sparks' play a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless operation of our projects, from certified 2 post lift connections to comprehensive installations in new builds. Let's meet the faces behind the expertise: Craig, Callum, Steven, and Harrison.The Powerhouse Team: Our electricians, Craig, Callum, Steven, and Harrison, aren't just skilled technicians; they are also outstanding ambassadors for our business....

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New Run-Flat Tyre Fitting Standard from ISN Garage Assist

Tyre changer and wheel balancer specialists, ISN Garage Assist, have recently introduced a new standard for tyre fitting technology, to ensure that anybody investing in a piece of equipment really does get what they pay for. ARC (Absolute Run-Flat Compatibility) is a test for performance and capability based on what are commonly regarded as the toughest tyres to handle for tyre technicians. The company acquired a sample of run-flat tyres from a selection of leading tyre manufacturers, and put their machines to test to ensure that all models that claim total run-flat compatibility, can actually live up to the claim. "There...

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Ravaglioli - Partnering ISN Garage Assist with Premium Garage Equipment

Whilst most people will automatically associate ISN Garage Assist with their longstanding, and hugely important brands such as Hofmann Megaplan or Cascos, there is another notable garage equipment name that also represents an important partner, Italian manufacturer Ravaglioli - better known nowadays by their shortened 'Rav' monikor. Manufacturing a whole range of garage equipment distributed across the World, Rav are particularly renowned for their lifting range, but are also a market leader in alignment technology from their specialist 'Space' division. Unlike most Rav distributors, who tend to sell 'off the shelf' product, at ISN Garage Assist we work closely with the factory...

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What is a CCD wheel aligner? An introductory guide

If you’re shopping for a wheel alignment machine, you’ll likely have come across terms like 3D and CCD. But what separates these high-tech models from more traditional laser systems? If you’re struggling to decide which type is right for you, we’re here to help. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at CCD wheel aligners - and what sets them apart from laser and 3D machines. CCD wheel aligners: what are they and how do they work? CCD stands for Charged Coupled Device. Instead of using light beams (like traditional laser alignment systems), CCD models utilise advanced camera technology to deliver...

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Halfords Calls For Change to Minimum Legal Tyre Tread Depth

Since 1992, the minimum legal tyre tread depth in the UK has been 1.6mm. But is it time for this figure to be revised?Halfords certainly think so. Following the publication of a new study, conducted by Professor Peter Wells at Cardiff University’s Centre for Automotive Industry Research, the retailer has issued a fresh call for the legal limit to be revised.The study compared the stopping distances of vehicles fitted with ‘barely legal’ tyres with those fitted with tyres in good condition (4mm of tread).It found that, in wet conditions, stopping distances increased by as much as 90 feet at 70 mph. Commenting...

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What is ADAS? Your Essential Guide

Cars today are safe. Extremely safe. But occasionally, they’re still let down by those in control of them. Yes, we humans are pretty smart - but we can and will make mistakes. Driving, sadly, isn’t an exception to this rule, with lives being lost every day due to accidents caused by human error. In fact, according to the road safety organisation ORSA, 94% of collisions occur as a result of human error.  What can we do to bring that number down? ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) are the latest innovation designed to do exactly that. They’ve been around for a while...

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Automotive Trade Bodies Launch Petition Against ‘4-1-1’ MOT

A petition to stop the Government’s long-rumoured plans to extend the MOT grace period for newer vehicles has been launched and is rapidly gaining momentum.Currently, new vehicles don’t have to be tested until they’re three years old. But, under the new proposals, this time period would increase to four years - a move that many in the industry are concerned about.The Government is considering the change to try and save motorists money amid the current cost of living crisis. But, industry experts say it could end up costing them more in the long run - and could make Britain’s roads a...

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Which Car Brands Are Most Expensive to Repair? New Research Reveals All

There’s plenty to consider when buying a car, new or used. Reliability is an important factor, but every car is going to go wrong at some point - it’s inevitable. At least one or two of the thousands of mechanical and electrical components in a modern car are bound to let you down at some point.An important question to ask, then, is how expensive are these faults likely to be? Are there car manufacturers to avoid if you want to keep repair costs down?The answer is yes. According to analysis from Warrantywise, some of Britain’s favourite car manufacturers charge significantly less...

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Decline of Diesel Becomes Apparent in Used Car Sales Figures

The writing has been on the wall for diesel cars for a few years now - since the infamous dieselgate scandal swept the industry - but sales on the second-hand market have remained strong. Until now, that is. For the first time, online used car remarketing platform Autorola has reported a decline in demand for second-hand diesel vehicles. Over the course of 2022, diesel sales fell by a not-insignificant 15.1%. Gone are the days of diesel domination: last year, just one in four vehicles sold through the platform was so-powered. Jumping shipSo, what are motorists buying instead? According to Autorola’s stats,...

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Registrations Rise as New Car Market Begins to Bounce Back

Promising signs have emerged from the UK’s new car market, which experienced its first consecutive month of year-on-year growth in November.According to figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), sales grew by an impressive 23.5%, with 142,889 vehicles finding homes during the penultimate month of 2022.As is becoming the norm, a significant proportion of these vehicles were electric. 39,558, to be exact, a rise of 34.2%. That means EVs now represent one-fifth of all new cars sold for the first time - a significant milestone on the road to 2030.After many months of slow sales, brought on partly...

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Three-Reasons to Invest In a Scissor Lift For Your Workshop

Although most workshops have two or four-post lifts nowadays (or a combination of the two), these tried-and-tested designs aren’t the only options on the market. Scissor lifts have been around for a long time, but in recent years they’ve become increasingly popular. Ideally suited to bodywork specialists - including those in the dent removal or detailing trades - scissor lifts have an awful lot to offer. And, depending on the kind of work you do, they may be more suitable than a two or four-post lift. In this quick guide, we’re going to look at three key reasons for the popularity...

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UK’s Fastest-Growing Car Brand Revealed

What do you think is the UK’s fastest-growing car brand? Perhaps it’s Kia - they’ve transformed from an undesirable budget brand into one of the world’s most innovative car manufacturers. The same goes for sister company Hyundai. Or perhaps it’s Tesla - you see so many on the roads nowadays. Actually, it’s none of those. According to new figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), the UK’s fastest-growing car brand is… MG. That’s right, MG Motor UK took this year’s ‘most improved’ crown in sales terms. It’s the second year of success in a row for the...

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EV Charging Costs Up 42%, Says RAC

One of the main selling points of an electric vehicle traditionally has been lower running costs. According to a new report from the RAC, though, this may no longer be the case.Charging costs have risen 42% on average since May, the organisation says, putting prices virtually on a par with those experienced by petrol car owners at the pumps.Electric family cars now cost £32.41 on average to rapid charge to 80% capacity, the RAC says - that’s an increase of £9.60 since May and £13.59 since last year.Drivers exclusively using rapid charging points can expect to pay 18p per mile to...

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What Is Wheel Alignment?

Have you been told your car needs a wheel alignment or are you thinking of getting it done for a performance benefit? Wheel alignment really is a crucial factor that has a significant impact on your car’s handling, performance, braking capability and tyre wear - not to mention fuel consumption! Accurate alignment settings can make or break a car. They can drastically improve the feedback given to the driver through the steering wheel, making a vehicle safer and more enjoyable to drive… and wheel alignment doesn’t cost the Earth, either. In fact, we’d argue there are fewer more beneficial services to...

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 Millionth electric car

Britain’s Millionth Electric Car Hits the Road The last couple of years haven’t exactly been ones to remember for car makers. With supply issues to contend with and an uncertain economic climate d, sales haven’t yet reached pre-pandemic levels.Things are beginning to look. According to the SMMT’s latest new car registration figures, 4.6% more new vehicles hit the roads this September compared with the same month last year.However, compare last month’s figure against 2019’s and the difference remain stark: 34.4% more vehicles were registered in September of that year.Bumper year for EVsSeptember did bring one significant bit of good news for...

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What Equipment Does a Garage Need to Do An MOT?

Every car over three years old needs an MOT to be road legal. Light commercial vehicles and motorcycles need them too, so demand for testing is always high, year-round, no matter which type of vehicle your workshop specialises in. If you don’t currently offer MOT testing in-house and would like to, your first question may well be the one posed in the title of this article: what equipment do I need? Let’s take a closer look at each piece of equipment used in an MOT test. MOT testing equipmentTypically, garages looking to branch out into MOT testing will choose a complete...

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What Are the Different Types of MOT Bay?

Looking into adding an MOT bay to your workshop? If you’re not sure which type of bay you need, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’re going to take a closer look at each of the different types and what sets them apart from one another, allowing you to make an informed decision on which one’s best suited to you. Class 1 and 2If you predominantly work on motorcycles, this is the type of bay you’ll need. Class 1 and 2 vehicles include: MotorcyclesScootersMopedsSidecars Class 1 and 2 bays consist of roller brake testers, headlamp testers and, optionally,...

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EVs cheaper to service than ICE cars, new data confirms

Supply chain management and consultancy firm, Fleet Assist, has concluded that battery electric vehicles (BEVs) are 22% cheaper to service (on average) than equivalent fossil fuel vehicles. The company reached the conclusion by analysing all of its data for 2022 thus far - all 850,000 vehicles and 5,200 garages worth. According to the organisation, the price differential largely comes down to reduced labour costs; there are simply fewer components requiring regular servicing on an EV when compared to an ICE vehicle.Parts costs can be lower, too. On average, the parts spend for an EV service is 28% less than for an...

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Majority of motorists knowingly drive faulty car

52% of motorists know their car is faulty, study finds According to a new study, the majority of British motorists know their car has a fault that needs fixing.The research, carried out by online mechanic quoting and booking platform ClickMechanic, found that 52% of motorists were aware of at least one fault with their vehicle.Meanwhile, 62% of participants reported surprise breakdowns to be the most stressful part of car ownership.In the context of Britain’s ongoing cost of living crisis, these figures certainly make sense. With bills on the increase and fuel prices remaining high, it’s no surprise that many people simply...

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How do autonomous vehicles work?

Autonomous cars have been the stuff of science fiction for decades, but they’re now fast-becoming a reality. Although fully autonomous cars aren’t available to buy just yet, manufacturers like Tesla continue to push the envelope with self-driving systems that can cope with a variety of situations.Wondering how these systems work? That’s exactly what we’re going to investigate in this article. Hardware and software Autonomous vehicles rely on advanced hardware and software systems, each of which have to talk to one another multiple times a second to keep the car on the road. It all starts on the outside of the car,...

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