Summer may now be over and Brexit is still looming but politics isn’t the only area that never has a dull moment. It’s been a year of big changes across the Garage Equipment sector and these changes show no sign of slowing down into the end of 2019 with MOT Bay Management in the limelight.

The latest and biggest change we’ve seen for several years is the automation of the connectivity between MOT equipment and various systems.

The Next MOT Equipment Change

As of 1st October 2019, all Brake Tester equipment will be required to have the capability to connect directly to the D.V.S.A. This is the first piece of MOT Equipment to receive this attention.

With this deadline fast approaching, we have been working very closely with our suppliers and customers to ensure these systems are upgraded as required and approved by the D.V.S.A.

Our progress…

We are proud to announce that this has been achieved and all of our brake testers now conform to the D.V.S.A standards for connectivity!

The next steps…

Next on the MOT update agenda is smoke and gas analysers. These are scheduled to follow brake testers with updates to connectivity soon, although no deadline has yet been set. Not long after will be headlight testers, completing the line up of connected MOT Stations.

Taking it a step further…

So far we have only discussed changes to existing equipment. While these updates will bring current equipment inline with the new D.V.S.A standards, some are exploring their own vision of the new connected garage.

For man, the ultimate solution is to have cameras added to the lane. Technologies similar to ANPR would allow your lane to photograph a vehicle as it comes into the bay and automate the connected process.

Intuitive solutions like this will mean connectivity has an added benefit to the system user of simplifying the reporting part of MOT tests. This comes alongside other arguments for connectivity such as improved quality and accuracy of MOT tests.

Next for your Garage…

These are exciting times ahead of us with changes that mean the industry is never standing still.

AMN Garage Assist are on hand to consult with garages of all shapes and sizes on the future of the MOT Bay, the connected garage solution and MOT Bay Management.

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