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Garage Equipment Sales

Impartiality is the key!

When you look at our main competitors, you will notice they all have an angle – to sell you equipment! At AMN Garage Assist we remain focused on what we do best, and we like to think that the years we have spent installing and repairing all makes and model of garage equipment, we know the good from the bad.

We like to use that experience to guide you as to what is best to buy, and our 'angle' is totally transparent; if we are going to be asked to maintain it, we want to know it is a reliable product where spares and assistance are readily available.

We have relationships with all of the reputable equipment suppliers and manufacturers, and we can even make introductions directly to ensure you receive favourable rates. Before you buy equipment, why not give us a call and discuss with one of our experts what it is you are looking to purchase and we'd be pleased to advise in any way we can.