According to new research from Halfords, the average motorist could be spending £200 a year more on fuel than they need to. In the case of commercial vehicle drivers with higher annual mileage, this figure could edge closer to £1,000. 

Across the UK’s entire fleet, that’s £6bn worth of petrol and diesel being burned unnecessarily.

The culprit? Things like under-inflated tyres, un-serviced engines (and those running the wrong oil) and general poor maintenance. 

The motoring giant, which has stores across the UK, announced the figures as it launched its Every Mile Matters campaign. 

Halfords hopes that the campaign will raise awareness of these common issues, helping motorists save money on their fuel bills while simultaneously benefiting the environment. 

After all, poorly-maintained vehicles don’t just burn more fuel – they also belch out more carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, too.

Halfords’ analysis indicates that, if every vehicle was maintained correctly, the annual carbon emission savings would be in the region of 8.7 million tonnes. 

Every penny matters

Andy Turbefield, Halfords Head of Quality, elaborated: “The government is very focused on encouraging people to switch to electric vehicles.

“We support that, but we’re in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis, and there needs to be a much greater emphasis on helping people with the everyday costs of motoring, for the good of people’s pockets, the economy and the environment.

“The 5p a litre fuel duty cut is worth £70 to motorists on average, but it is due to come to an end in March. 

“It could be replaced by an information campaign on fuel efficiency and that could save motorists hundreds of pounds each, similar to the Government’s new campaign to help households cut their energy bills.”

“At a time when every penny matters, our message to motorists is that every mile matters too.”

Focusing on emissions, Andy added: “The transition to electric vehicles will take at least a decade, and probably a lot longer. “In the meantime, there is a huge environmental dividend to be had from ensuring petrol and diesel is not being burned unnecessarily.”

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