Established in 1945, the Garage Equipment Association has been leading from the front for 75 years now as founder and upholders of many industry standards.

This not-for-profit organisation is at the forefront of many industry processes, including:

  • Administrating the approval of UK MOT equipment
  • Accrediting of garage equipment engineers
  • Arbitrating for our industry
  • Training & certification of engineers across a number of disciplines

& so much more!

Considering the reputation and how highly respected the GEA is across the industry, it is easy to see why we are so proud to be members. It’s a sign of quality which resonates with everything we do.

A bonus for us and you!

As everyone within the industry will already know, a membership with the GEA holds you in high regard for those needing your garage equipment services. Not only is that great for us, but great for you too!

Being a GEA member means:

  • We follow the highest code of conduct and standards set across the industry
  • Our specialist engineers are all up to date with the latest GEA accreditations
  • We provide first-class garage equipment services to your business
  • We help design and install the highest quality MOT test lanes and workshops for your business
  • We supply only the best MOT equipment and tyre fitting machines
  • Our knowledge is led by those at the front, implementing change & talking to bodies like the DVSA

So, when it comes to your crucial tool calibrations being up to date, you can trust our specialists to get the work done on-time and to the highest standard.

What has the GEA been up to recently?

GEA 75th AnniversaryThe GEA has been heavily involved in some of the biggest changes we have seen across the industry in recent times – of course, this refers to connected MOT equipment.

Working closely with the DVSA, the introduction of connected roller brake testers and decelerometers is now old news, with brake testers already in circulation.

We are guaranteed to see even more announcements coming throughout 2020…so watch this space! The benefit of working with AMN Garage Assist? We won’t keep what we learn a secret!

Thank you, Garage Equipment Association from us all!