Earlier in the year, Kwik Fit conducted research that found 17.7 million drivers in the UK (a 15% increase since 2018) would be interested in paying a monthly subscription fee for ongoing maintenance for their vehicle.

Due to their findings, the company announced the introduction of a pilot scheme in Yorkshire and the North West, which if successful, will be fully rolled out to the entire UK in the summer of this year. The new Kwik Fit Club subscription claims to help motorists spread the cost of service and maintenance costs throughout the year.

Unsurprisingly, the concept is especially attractive to drivers aged 18-34 (67% of this group would be interested), as any maintenance could land them with huge bills that they may not be able to cope with paying.

How does the Kwik Fit Scheme work?

With the Kwik Fit Club Scheme, drivers pay a monthly subscription just like any other, which covers:

  • Repairs
  • Tyre Replacements
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Six-Monthly Health Checks

There are four different packages available for customers, with the complete package including your annual MOT and service, which can be controlled through an app for easy peace of mind.

A word from Kwik Fit’s Communications Director, Roger Griggs…

“The growth in demand for subscription services has been dramatic over recent years, particularly with younger consumers.”

“We found that drivers aged 18-34 have an average of six subscriptions across all sectors and two thirds of them would be interested in paying for car maintenance this way. It’s younger drivers who are most worried about their lack of car knowledge or the fact that they could be facing a big bill when going to a garage.”

“Benefits of Kwik Fit Club include members getting regular free health checks on their car and having regular, predictable maintenance costs instead of one-off spikes.”

“If you think about buying four new tyres, traditionally car owners would pay for them all in one go – with Kwik Fit Club the cost is spread over the life of tyres – drivers are paying for them as they use them.”