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The Garage Service System with Complete Transparency!

As a leading provider of garage services across the UK automotive industry, it was imperative that, at ISN Garage Assist, we sourced the right service platform to meet our every requirement while offering tremendous benefits to our clients.

By ensuring we had every base covered with a new system, our expert engineers & area controllers would be able to make our services more streamline – our top priority is you!

So, what direction did we take?

Introducing Protean...

We moved to our brand-new Protean system in 2019, due to the limitations we were experiencing with our previous system which was preventing the business from growing further.

Protean offers a Field Service Management solution than incorporates the entire workflow - from the job being logged initially, to the invoice being raised once the service is complete. Being able to hold all these details in the same system, gives us a broad overview of how different parts of the business are working in relation to each other.

This insight can then be used to highlight the need for new processes and the potential changes needed to complement or improve existing processes.

What’s on offer?

The range of features that the Protean system offers our team, was one of the main reasons we opted for this service management platform.

What ISN Garage Assist has gained:

  • A stock management system that provides detailed of parts usage data - this is used to inform stock level requirements so that our stores and engineer van stocks hold the parts that we have demand for.
  • An app used by engineers to complete jobs - this allows the service desk to view up-to-date details of the jobs the engineers are working on.
  • System reporting - allowing us to better understand trends in our data; relating to product trends, such as the products we are frequently using/selling, through to financial reporting used to capture details, e.g., Work in Progress.
  • Electronic maintenance reports - providing a more in-depth equipment assessment during routine equipment checks. Offering our clients a complete view of the detailed inspection we’ve undertaken.
  • Maintenance Contracts - auto-generated prompts for service jobs that have been previously scheduled, resulting in less manual tasks for the Service and Admin teams
  • Web Portal - provides customer access to view the progress of each job.

Benefits for our clients?

Everything we do at ISN Garage Assist, involves our clients being at the forefront of our minds – which is why, every step we took to installing the Protean platform into our processes, we asked “what’s in it for our clients?”.

Here is how the Protean system benefits you:

  • You have access to a web portal - to help them monitor and manage jobs at your sites.
  • You can log service jobs - allowing you to attach details such as photographs that can be used as part of the diagnostics process.
  • You can monitor existing jobs to check the progress of any outstanding work.
  • You can retrieve documentation from the portal - particularly handy for obtaining calibration certificates in the event of original document getting lost.
  • You can access site asset lists - helping to maintain accurate records of the equipment at each site.
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