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Pothole Breakdowns At Their Worst For 15 Years, RAC Reports

The RAC delivered troubling news for motorists recently when it published statistics on pothole-related callouts. According to the figures, the third quarter of 2021 was the worst in 15 years for pothole-induced damage. From July to September last year, the company...

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MOT Testing: Do you know a lenient MOT station?

Have you ever wondered either of the following after an MOT test on your vehicle: How on Earth did my car pass that MOT? Why haven’t I got any advisories? Did the garage even test my car? There are only two reasonable explanations; you caught the MOT tester on a good...

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Oldest ever average car age & how that affects your services.

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), the average age of cars on UK roads is now the highest on record at 8.4 years. But is this a surprise? Not really. – 2020 saw car showrooms closed and customers unable to leave the comfort of their...

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