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Could the end be in sight sooner than expected for the MOT Exemption? 

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Sunday night (10/05/2020), the GEA released a statement revealing they have been speaking to the DVSA. Part of this statement included a comment from the DVSA stating they would like to remove the Vehicle MOT extension program as soon as is practical to do so.

With many now having reason to use their vehicles more regularly under the latest guidelines, this could be much sooner than the original 6-month extension. This new guidance is now encouraging many people to go back to work, where working from home is not possible.

The removal of the extension means a significant spike in the demand for MOT tests sooner rather than later. The DVSA also expressed how for them, this means ensuring MOT sites are able to operate normally & that MOT equipment is managed and calibrated.

Calibrations Included

Yes, the removal of this extension not only means ensuring MOT sites are able to operate normally but includes ensuring MOT equipment is calibrated where it might not have been under the scheme.

Under current rules, the DVSA are allowing MOT stations to operate even if their inspection equipment has passed the calibration due date. This is pending it working as per design (not locked out from giving readings) and being safe to use.

To date, the DVSA has not given any guidelines on when they will revoke this, but it will happen and it sounds like it will be sooner than expected.

This means potentially thousands of overdue calibrations will be required in a very short window.

Fortunately, AMN Garage Assist is on hand to help ensure your garage is complaint & calibrated. You can call our team today on 0116 286 3222 to book a visit from one of our engineers in time for the exemption removal.