You may check the oil & grease, but when was the last time you had your vehicle lift inspected fully?

A recent investigation by ‘Prosafe’, an EU market surveillance group consisting of the Market Surveillance Officers from each EU Member State, found that as little as 12.77% of import lifts from outside the EU had 0 defects. The rest had issues!

The joint action, which looks into the quality of CE marking on any product that is marketed and subsequently sold in the EU started in in January 2016. Known as Joint Action JAMACH14, it was created to look at enforcing correct CE marking on Vehicle Lifts.

The investigation found that of 47 non-EU imported lifts tested, only 6 new lifts passed with no defects! Would you bet the safety of yourself or your team on statistics like that?

The conclusion we can all make from this? There is no need for the risk when it comes to your lifting equipment.

All of our ISN Garage Assist engineers are trained to the highest accredited standards. What’s more, we have direct relationships with trusted, recognised brands only, meaning these risky numbers need never come into play in your garage.

ISN Garage Assist is able to design, install & maintain all over the UK, making us a perfect solution for all your workshop needs.