As expected, due to the restrictions in place at the time, first quarter vehicle sales in 2021 were a flop, decreasing 8.9% compared to 2020; however, an encouraging bounce back in April 2021 saw new car registrations increase by 3177% compared to last year. Excellent work!

This upward trajectory is predicted to continue throughout this Spring, meaning the end of year figures for new car registrations will be in a much better position than originally thought back in February.

Across the UK, more and more vehicle owners are taking to the roads again, now that restrictions are lifting. And the increase in car sales, combined with the hoped-for return to normal on June 21st, will see even more cars on the road.

So, how does this affect your garage?

Due to the increase in road users now restrictions are lifting, your garage services will be put under immense pressure.

The impact on garages…

The influence of this return to the roads on the automotive aftermarket will be immense, with garages having to cope with even higher demand for garage services. Although this is a promising sight for many garage business owners, the fact is, the need for servicing may outweigh the capacity of some smaller workshops.

Wherever you look, the demand for garage services including MOTs, tyre maintenance, periodic servicing will grow, there’s no escaping it.

Now is the time that garage owners must be planning for every eventuality, ensuring that their services, team & equipment are all up to the job, ready to withstand the continuous, long days ahead. If your garage equipment has seen better days, investing in new machines that will keep your services running is vital for this spring; otherwise, you could end up with a machine out of action, when you need it most.

Alternatively, employing a reliable supplier of garage maintenance services to keep your garage running smoothly is a sensible investment. There is nothing worse than a machine breakdown, not knowing when it will be back up and running, but the ISN Garage Assist team can provide preventative servicing and maintenance. And, if the worst does happen, our emergency breakdown service will ensure that our specialist engineers get to you fast, ensuring you’re back up and running in no time!