Everywhere you look, there is another brand of garage equipment promoting the “BEST” tyre machine on the market. In an industry where it can be hard to stand out from the crowd, sticking in the minds of a garage business owner is a near impossibility.

However, some garage equipment brands have taken the leap from being a standard equipment provider to supplying a premium product with the ultimate premium service. And they’ve done this by establishing a reputation for high quality product and maintaining incredible standards for years, even decades.

The garage servicing market is extremely competitive and we know that using premium garage equipment can make all the difference…

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ISN Garage Assist spills the beans…

The team at ISN Garage Assist have spent years installing brand-new garage equipment performing essential scheduled maintenance and dealing with broken machines. So, we feel we know a bit about them.

We have become known as the ‘brand agnostic’ garage service provider, but we want to let you in on some of the best, and most premium, equipment brands in the market today.

The famous ‘H’!

Recognised widely across the UK market and in Europe, Hofmann Megaplan is a name to be feared by up-and-coming garage equipment brands.

Always at the forefront of technological advancements and build quality, every Hofmann tyre fitting machine now comes directly from their new National Distribution Centre, and is subject to expert testing, delivery and installation.

For any garage business owner, it is hard to look past a company like Hofmann Megaplan when it comes to investing in quality garage machines, due to their incredible reputation. But for existing customers, the main attraction is the first-class service that comes with every purchase – now that is a premium standard!

premium garage equipment from the experts Hofmann Megaplan
Premium garage equipment from Atlas Platinum.

The newbie of premium garage equipment!

Specialising in wheel alignment systems and compatible vehicle lifts to compliment every service requirement, Atlas Platinum is emerging as a real game-changer to the automotive equipment space.

Offering top of the line tyre fitting machines as well as alignment units, Platinum has made a move to challenge companies like Hofmann Megaplan with incredible technology. One thing that stands out for Platinum, is their commitment to ensure that every garage is trained by an expert on each piece of equipment. Customer satisfaction is truly number one priority!

We are here to help, every step of the way

We have developed relationships with all of the reputable equipment suppliers and manufacturers over the years; we can even make direct introductions to ensure you receive the best service and rates.

Before you buy equipment, why not give one of our experts a call and discuss the products you’re looking to purchase; we’d be pleased to advise in any way we can.