The REVOLUTIONARY Wheel Balancer...
With a Touch of Magic!
The megaspin FastTouch is a new generation of wheel balancer, providing operators with the ultimate in balancing technology. Simply rotate the rim until the lasers (a laser ‘line’ and a ‘pointer’) meet, then a simple press of the ‘magic’ FastTouch button enters all the necessary rim parameter data. That’s it! Lower the hood and activate the spin.

Why do we call it the ‘magic’ button?
It is simple, the first few people to be shown this latest machine – both our own technical people and customers – all said the same thing ‘wow, that is like magic!’ And so the nickname stuck! With the megaspin FastTouch, there’s no need to use traditional measurement gauges, which saves time in selecting data and weight positions. Accurate weight placement is assured, as a laser pointer shows exactly where to put it and, to cap it all, the OWB (One Weight Balance) mode is automatically activated in the event you can eliminate all imbalance (both static and dynamic) with one weight. OWB is effective on around 70% of balance jobs; so the megaspin FastTouch will save money as well as time.

megaspin-FastTouch-Dims megaspin Fast Touch Wheel Balancer

The revolution in wheel balancing
megaspin Fast Touch revolutionizes the wheel balancing experience through the innovative combination of a laser point and a line laser. With the simple movement of the wheel, the lasers calculate distance and diameter of the rim, while the AUTO SENSE sonar measures its width, enabling the rapid and precise detection of all parameters necessary to accurately identify wheel unbalance. Subsequently, the laser pointer also indicates the exact position for the application of adhesive counterweights inside the rim. Any potential errors during the weight placement are avoided thanks to the electric brake, which immediately locks the wheel in the correction position.

One Weight Balancing
One Weight Balancing (OWB) is automatically activated, at the end of the spin, and suggests a single ideal correction plane instead of two. The laser pointer indicates the exact point where it is possible to balance the wheel minimizing both static and dynamic imbalance, using only one counterweight. OWB offers 30% time savings for 70% of wheels.

AVS Sonar (Optional)
Since the vibrations of a wheel often do not depend only on the unbalance, megaspin Fast Touch can make an in-depth analysis of the run-out thanks to the Anti Vibration System (AVS). The AVS Sonar, during the normal balancing cycle, detects wheel eccentricity with a 0,1 mm accuracy and enables a precise diagnosis within seconds. 

Hubmatch-logo-web megaspin Fast Touch Wheel BalancerHubmatch
The amazing Hubmatch feature uses innovative software to determine the 'high spot' of the tyre (which in turn equates to imbalance), and guides the technician to position the wheel on the hub of the car in the correct position to counter this residual imbalance that can't be dealt with by a wheel weight.

megaclamp - Pneumatic locking (megaspin FT-P)
Pneumatic locking ensures perfect wheel centering on the spindle, reducing clamping time.

Instant automatic positioning
The automatic positioning system with electromagnetic brake on DC motor has been made even more efficient, thanks to the doubled speed which allows the wheel to stop instantly in the correction position. At the end of the measuring spin, the wheel stops automatically at the exact point of counterweight application. After correcting the first plane, by pressing “start”, the wheel position itself accurately on the second correction point.

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We’re part of the ISN Europe Group, the European arm of Integrated Supply Network, North America’s largest independent tool and equipment distribution business.

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