AJR Motor Engineering | Oldham

Site: AJR Motor Engineering

Location: Oldham

Project: MOT Bay Installation with 4 Post Lift Supply + Installation


A great solution for an MOT upgrade

When Alister Rigby, owner of AJR Motor Engineering in Oldham was considering upgrading his MOT facility he called in Hofmann Megaplan MOT Specialist (and self-proclaimed legend in his own lifetime) Andy Davidson to assess the options.

The business had been operating a 30-year old MOT lift, which required two people to perform MOT tests. The lift also had an offset rear post, which no longer complies with DVSA regulations.

The solution was a redesigned lift recess and a new Cascos C440 MOT ATL 4 post lift which now fits like a glove. The Automated Test Lane (ATL) lift allows for single person operation, improving efficiency and productivity.