Garage equipment installation is our ‘bread and butter’. We’ll manage the installation timeline from start to completion.

We deliver to site and use our own teams of specialist workshop installation engineers to install your equipment. They’re factory trained and we believe they’re the best in the business; our lift engineers are Garage Equipment Association (GEA) approved, and our alignment technicians are Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) approved. They’re located strategically right across the UK to maximise their time on-site and minimise disruption to your business. They have the knowledge, skills and tools to install, maintain and repair all types of workshop equipment. And, when the installation is complete, they’ll train your team on the safe operation of the equipment before they leave.

This ensures the continuance of our high installation quality standards, it reduces the overall installation time and decreases the risk to project timescales. As with our workshop design service, the installation timeline is managed professionally from start to completion.