ISN Garage Assist makes the management and maintenance of your MOT equipment simple. We install, service, maintain and calibrate all of the following MOT equipment:

Vehicle lifts, Brake Testers, Headlight / Beam Testers, Emission Gas Analysers, Diesel Smoke Metres, Decelerometres, Play Detectors, Jacking Beams

If something goes wrong with a vital piece of MOT equipment it will be costly; first, there’s the business you’re losing while you’re out of action. Second, there’s a chance your customer can’t wait, will go elsewhere to have their MOT, get any associated failure or advisory work done and never come back, because they like what they see. Then there’s the hassle and increased cost of organising emergency breakdown repairs.


Can you afford to risk all this if the worst happens?

We pro-actively work with you to prevent downtime in your MOT Bay and keep it fully DVSA compliant. Our mission is to ensure these vital garage assets are never out of action. Regardless of the size of your business we can deliver the best calibration, service and maintenance options for all the equipment associated with your MOT or ATL bay. From installation through to inspection, routine maintenance and even breakdown repairs, we have you covered.

Service – a speciality

Our bespoke service coordination software reduces the time spent managing the compliance of your MOT bay, it can even save you money. You have full access to our system, allowing you to view and reprint certificates on-demand or check the calibration status of your equipment. You have instant, 24/7 access to view your MOT equipment service history, maintenance that’s scheduled for a future date and any reports on work we’ve carried out in the past.

We understand how important it is to keep your garage running efficiently and the onus is on us to keep you DVSA compliant. Our system keeps track of when your MOT bay needs its next service, or calibration and we will call you to arrange a visit arrange to service and calibrate your equipment on the same visit.

Taking care of your MOT test equipment should be top of your list to ensure long term business success. A contract with ISN Garage Assist is ‘another tick in the box’ and you can focus on more pressing matters.