This is what we do…

In this section, you will find a small selection from our extensive portfolio of work. To support this, we’d like to give you a bit of an overview as to why we are so proud of our projects.

Garage Equipment installation is not exactly an exclusive proposition

There are literally hundreds of regional and a good few National companies who offer their services for these kinds of ‘turnkey’ projects, so what makes us any different?

Well at ISN Garage Assist, we are in what we consider to be a fairly unique situation. For a start, how many companies are able to offer our breadth of product offering, with such a degree of impartiality?

Show us a company with our National capability, and we’ll show you one that also has a very clear modus operandi in terms of their product; they are either owned by a garage equipment manufacturer, or they are importing their own brands. Either way, they understandably have a bias towards what they offer.

Our unique positioning as an autonomous division within our own broader business means that we have access to the product from our sister companies, ensuring you get access to the kind of ‘direct’ pricing you like, but we don’t force in down your throat.

In fact, in some circumstances, we may not even feel it is right for you. Imagine a scenario that sees us as one of the largest partners to Rotary Lift in the UK, yet our sister company Hofmann Megaplan produces an extensive line of lifts. Just because they are, to a certain extent, rival brands, that doesn’t mean to say they don’t both have their own individual features and benefits.

This kind of universal offering (where we will carefully select and advise based on the genuine, expert opinion of our Tech team) means that we are able to discuss product options with a degree of integrity that, quite frankly, we don’t think you’ll get anywhere else.

Additionally, it does mean that the extent of our product knowledge from an aftersales perspective is not limited in any way; we like to learn, and become experts, on EVERY product and brand we come across.

Jacks of all trades, masters of none?

Well, you could be forgiven for thinking so, but actually this is another area where we feel we are very unique.

Years of experience has taught us that individuals have particular skill sets. Even dividing electro-mechanical from diagnostic is not enough (try getting a real tyre equipment expert to get excited about repairing a lift!).

We have evolved and moulded a nationwide team of highly-skilled personnel who are focused on a particular category of product, who are in turn supported by a more product-generic team.

Dedicated wheel alignment experts, diagnostic experts, tyre equipment experts and factory-trained lift technicians are all part of the Tech Team make-up that give us our ‘specialist’ capability. Even our Project Installation team travel the UK as exactly that, a team, giving us continuity in terms of quality and expertise for every single job.

So whether it is the supply of one simple item of equipment, or a complete Project Management scenario, where it is not unusual for us to be liaising with not only your regular electrical or building contractors, but window suppliers, roofing specialists, door installers and the like, you can have complete trust in us to give the best advice and best choice of product for your needs, all supported by what we firmly believe to be the best maintenance and service team the industry has to offer.

ISN Garage Assist engineers are located across the entire UK!