As experts in MOT Bay Management, here at AMN Garage Assist, we want to keep you up to date with the latest in MOT equipment news, especially as it is such a hot topic area with lots of change pending and some already in play.

In the latest update, the cut-off date for new testing equipment being approved for use in MOT sites without connectivity has now passed.

Moving forward…

Applications that hope to be approved by the DVSA for MOT testing equipment must include the most up to date software to ensure equipment can connect to the MTS and pass the results back to the MTS server.

Upcoming deadlines to consider!

The DVSA’s first cut-off date for the connected equipment, starting with connected Roller Brake testers is fast approaching, the 1st October 2019.

The DVSA will only approve new applications to become a VTS from this date if they include an approved connected roller brake tester. Anybody updating their equipment in existing stations must also ensure they install a connected roller brake tester.

Note this change is only for classes 3, 4, 5 light and 7. Classes 1, 2 and HGV/PSV are not included in these new requirements at this moment in time.

The specification for connecting Emission Units will follow shortly and we’ll be sure to share it as we hear more.

As with the roller brake testers, this will be a phased approach with a date in the future where only connected emission units can be supplied as new or replacement units into DVSA MOT sites.

Assisting you…

As a leading supplier of MOT Bay Management services, it will be of no surprise that all our brake testers now conform to the DVSA standards for connectivity!

If we work with you, you have no reason to worry!

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