Two Post Lifts

With a comprehensive choice designed to meet every budget and application, our range of 2 post lifts consists of our own Hofmann Megaplan brand and the full range of Spanish Cascos models.

All Hofmann Megaplan models are based around the more contemporary Electro-Hydraulic design, and the Cascos range (a leading name since 1965 and widely regarded by many to be the best lifts) which provide the traditional Electro-Mechanical design. Which method is better is an age-old argument amongst garage equipment afficionados, but ultimately we are fortunate to have both. Why not ask us who we think are the real winners in the lift categories?

ecolift TP9 Two Post Lift

Versatile 2 Post Lift with 3-Stage Arms and Electric Locks

The ecolift TP9 is a flexible and practical option for workshops where space is limited. It manages to balance value and performance perfectly, boasting four 3-stage arms and a lifting capacity of 4000kg. This is one of the most versatile two post lifting solutions available on the market. 70mm AND 100mm pad extensions, which are included as standard, give this lift the ability to cope with a wide range of vehicles.

Cascos C3.2 Two Post Lift

The original Cascos Classic 2 Post Lift, first manufactured in 1965

The C3.2 is what can only be described as a classic from our Two Post Lift range! That doesn’t mean to suggest it is old-fashioned, but it is certainly traditional in its build quality, they can be found in workshops everywhere, and they just keep going… and going… and going!

Also available as C3.2 Confort version, with asymmetric arms.

Cascos C3.2 Syncro Two Post Lift

Using traditional electro-mechanical design (which the Chinese have failed to copy), the 'Syncro' range gives you everything you love about the classic Cascos 2 Post Lift, but with the added benefit of being completely baseless and providing a clear floor between the columns.

Also available as:
C3.2 Syncro Confort - with asymmetric arms
C3.2 Syncro Premium - with symmetric arms and a lower pad height of 85mm

Cascos C4 Two Post Lift

Based on the classic, but with an even bigger lifting capacity
The C4 Two Post Lift is, in our opinion, the best 2 Post Car Lift money can buy – and anyone who owns one will undoubtedly agree. It is true that no Two Post Lift is completely universal, i.e. there will always be some vehicles that you cannot fit on perfectly. However, the C4 is as universal as you will ever find, in our Two Post Lifts with Base range and in the industry.

Also available as C4XL version with wider distance between the columns

Cascos C4 Syncro Two Post Lift

The 'Syncro' version of what is probably our all-time favourite lift
Using exactly the same twin-motor and PLC principle of the C3.2 Syncro, the triple stage arms and increased lifting capacity enable maximum scope for both short (where the pick-up points are close together) and long (where they are far apart) applications, and the sheer engineering supremacy means that even larger vehicles feel reassuringly safe on this lift.

Also available as C4XL Syncro version with wider distance between the columns. 

Cascos C5.5 Syncro 'Super Duty' Two Post Lift

A genuine 'van' lift, designed specifically for LWBs and approved by Mercedes-Benz, Renault and Peugeot

All too often people make the mistake of buying a lift that is not suitable for large vans simply because they are driven by the lifting capacity.

ecolift TP9HF Two Post Lift with H-Frame Base

ATP9_HF_legs Two Post Lifts

Many garage owners appreciate the extra confidence that comes with the addition of an H-Frame base on the ecoliftTP9. The H-Frame joins the two posts of the lift across the base and extends in front and behind each post, which increases the stability of the lift when a vehicle is off the ground.


megalift 4200 Two Post Lift

4.2 Ton Capacity Two Post Lift

The megalift 4200 2 post electro-hydraulic lift which combines an economic design with the Hofmann Megaplan seal of approval. This lift has been specified and designed to be a Hofmann Megaplan product, with all its associated qualities such as build, reliability, long-term spares availability and reputation.

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