Kwik Fit | Milngavie, Scotland

Site: Kwik Fit

Location: Milngavie

Project: MOT Equipment Upgrade


On a roll!

Kwik-Fit have been rolling out investment into their network of centres across the UK and the centre in Milngavie, to the North of Glasgow, recently saw an upgrade to its MOT Brake testing equipment.

ISN Garage Assist Installation Engineer, Mark Stewart replaced their old Roller Brake Tester with a state-of-the-art MOT Testing System (MTS) connected BM7110 unit.

Centre Manager David Mckenzie said, “The job didn’t go as smoothly as hoped as the old electrical cables in the ducting were stuck fast due to some poorly poured concrete when the original brake tester was installed 25 years ago. To reduce downtime, Mark cut a channel in the floor and laid new ducting, before covering in concrete and completing the install.” 

Thanks Mark.