Pilot Garage | Dundee

Site: Pilot Garage

Location: Dundee

Project: 2 Post Lift Supply + Installation


“I’m not sure if James will be pleased or not, they’ve moved their existing Hofmann Duolift to make space for this megalift 4000.” 

Those were the words of ISN Garage Assist Engineer Mark Stewart after he installed this megalift 4000-3 at Pilot Garage in Dundee. 

I shouldn’t worry Mark, the megalift 4000-3 has fast become one of the most widely used lifts in the UK. It combines great value for money with typical, rugged Hofmann Megaplan build quality and extensive features including 3 stage arms all round, automatic electronic locking release, and the inclusion of medium and high reach pads as standard fitment.

This particular lift is the single phase, 240v version and it still more than managed to lift his long wheel based Mercedes Sprinter.

The manager Craig was extremely pleased with lift, and for some reason very happy with the installation engineer. – So are we Mark. Cheers!