Without taking a look on Google, could you have a guess at how many class 4 vehicles failed their MOTs last year?

The Answer: 1.27 million

That is a huge number of failures and a lot of garages are finding that they’re down to faults relating to exhaust emissions, especially with diesel engine vehicles, since new MOT regulations were introduced in May 2018. In fact, the last two years have seen more cars fail their MOT due to emissions than in any previous year.

The regulations were brought in to reduce the number of vehicles producing excessive emissions, meaning manufacturers have had to change certain components to adhere to these changes.

Significant changes have been made across the industry, with MOT equipment seeing developments in the form of connected equipment over the past couple of years. So, what does that mean for your garage’s MOT services?

A slick upgraded MOT Bay installation at Kwik Fit Wallington.

How to manage your MOT equipment…

Just like your customer’s vehicle, your MOT equipment needs to undergo periodic maintenance and inspections to ensure everything is working properly and accurately calibrated. The efficiency and reliability of your service is reliant on this essential maintenance work. Not only that, maintenance of your MOT Station status relies on DVSA compliance.

How do you ensure your MOT equipment receives the right maintenance?

It is a legitimate question and choosing a garage service provider that can take care of your MOT Bay Management, can ensure your business remains compliant at all times. Here at ISN Garage Assist, we ensure all of our engineers are trained to the highest standards and are able to perform all your essential MOT maintenance without a hitch.